Episode 6 content
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“Learning The Trickster’s Art”

Chapter 6 from Frank Moore’s book,
Art Of A Shaman

Read by Kirk Lumpkin


Exploring Of Possibilities Of Passion, April 18, 2003



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“How To Handle An Anthropologist”
Episode 2 – I Have My Ways
Voices: Frank Moore by Linda Mac and Russell Shuttleworth by himself
From the soon-to-be-published book, How To Handle An Anthropologist.


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”An update of the last 37 years of my life”

Read by Attaboy


Fairytales Can Come True



Wrapping/Rocking - Painted Bride, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - May 23, 1987



Random Gestures - U.C. San Diego, January 21, 1986



Out Of Isolation






The Cherotic [r]Evolutionary



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“To Be Free”

written and performed by Tha Archivez

Risk For Deep Love, August 4, 2012








Kirk Lumpkin & Attaboy





(in order of appearance)


“Warning” music:

Piano by Frank Moore.

An excerpt from a live performance,

“Sing Along, Jam Along, Play Along, Dance Along,

Rub Along, Move Along with Frank Moore”

for Leslie Baker's Salon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada via Skype

Recorded March 10, 2012



“Let Me Be Frank” (the song)

written, arranged, performed and produced by

Vinnie Spit Santino

recorded, mixed and mastered at Vinali Creative Group, Van Nuys, CA by

Vinnie Spit Santino


Vinnie Spit Santino - lead vocals, all guitars, bass

Frank Moore - vocals on bridge

Rebecca Kyler Downs - backing vocals and all harmonies

Gary Ponder - drums

Drake Peterson - trumpet

Tony Rinaldi - trombone



Chapter opening:

“Blind Leading The Blind”

by Spirit in Flesh



Chapter background music:

by Sander Roscoe Wolff




Transition/Kirk Lumpkin bio music:

“7 Bad Words”

written and performed by Barbara Golden



“How To Handle An Anthropologist - I Have My Ways”


Frank Moore by Linda Mac

Russell Shuttleworth by himself


Opening title music:

“Special Rate Sherry”

written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino

from the album, “At War With Nature”


“I Have My Ways” background music:

“Anything But Triumphant”

written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino

from the album, “At War With Nature”



“An update of the last 37 years of my life” background music

by Sander Roscoe Wolff



Attaboy bio music:

by Michael LaBash

originally created for “Feisto”



Closing credits music:

“In The Dark”

written by Kirk Lumpkin and Dennis Mackler

by The Word-Music Continuum

Kirk Lumpkin - vocals

Paul Mills - guitar

Mark Randall - bass

from the album, “Sound Poems”



“I Wanna Be Pretty”

written by Jerome T. Youngman

performed by Mutant Press

500 Pound Weasel Records




“To Be Free”

written and performed by Tha Archivez

Longhorn Entertainment



Photos by:

Jim Appleton
f-stop Fitzgerald

Ken Jennings

Tracy Kauffman-Wood

Eric Kroll

Michael LaBash

Daniel Lorenze

Linda Mac

Alexi Malenky

Debbie Moore

Colleen Neff

Kevin Rice

Tony Ryan

David Steinberg

Mary Sullivan



Illustrations by:

Lee Kay

Michael LaBash

Frank Moore

Justin Page

John Seabury



Additional footage:

Dave Swan’s Dog House

Betty Boop: “Minnie The Moocher” by Max Fleischer [Public Domain]

Betty Boop: “I Heared” by Max Fleischer [Public Domain]

Three Stooges: “Disorder In The Court” [Public Domain]

Stock footage: Mitch Martinez www.mitchmartinez.com

“Five Minutes To Live” [Public Domain]

Washington D.C. and San Francisco footage: Prelinger Archives

Santa Fe footage from David Santino Scott



Editing, Animation, and Titles:

Michael LaBash



Produced by

Linda Mac & Michael LaBash



Directed by

Frank Moore



Thanks to all of the readers
so far .....

Tha Archivez

Kenneth Atchley


Dr. Susan Block

Paul Couillard

Steve Davis

Stephen Emanuel

Paul Escriva

  Edna Floretta

Barbara Golden

Fred Hatt

John the Baker

Dr. Richard Kerbavaz

Michael LaBash


Kirk Lumpkin

Linda Mac

Alexi Malenky

Jake McGee

Kayla Moon

Corey Nicholl

Carl Off

Vinnie Spit Santino

Erika Shaver-Nelson

Russell Shuttleworth

Linda Carmella Sibio

Gerald Smith

Megan Soriano

Annie Sprinkle

David Steinberg

Veronica Vera

Martha Wilson




And thanks to all of the musicians who have created and contributed music for this project so far …

K. Atchley

Stephen Emanuel

Father of Skins

Barbara Golden

Phog Masheeen

Vinnie Spit Santino

Sander Roscoe Wolff

Jerome T. Youngman (Mutant Press)




Thanks to Vinnie Spit Santino for the title!

Frank Moore’s Website


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